Serbian Competition Authority initiated several investigations in relation to a gun-jumping and alleged abuse of a dominant position


At the beginning of November 2022, the Serbian Competition Authority initiated several ex officio investigations against different market participants.

The first investigation was initiated over a company called Dobergard for acquiring two separate companies (Protecta Group and Sparta Security) without the prior notification and clearance of the Competition Authority (gun-jumping).

The second investigation also relates to the gun-jumping case that involves the acquisition of a North Macedonian company called Webspotan by Ananas E-Commerce. This investigation represents the first gun-jumping case conducted by the Serbian Competition Authority that involves an acquisition of a foreign company.

Finally, the Serbian Competition Authority initiated an investigation against the Glovoapp Technology (Glovo) for its allegedly abusive practice in the food delivery market. Namely, the Competition Authority dawn raided Glovo (after conducting sector analysis and receiving a complaint from a third party) and found exclusivity provisions in the contracts concluded between Glovo and its partners, such as providing different benefits aimed at inducing exclusivity and discriminating against partners that deal with other platforms that compete with Glovo.

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