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Prosumer – a significant novelty in the field of energy

In 2021 legal framework that regulates the status of the prosumer was adopted and such framework includes the Law on Energy, the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources, the Decree on Criteria, Conditions, and Manner of Calculating Claims and Obligations between Prosumers and Suppliers and several rulebooks. Prosumer as a term has become familiar in practice and comes from the combined words of the English language “producer” and “consumer”.

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Outline of Merger Filing in Serbia

Who is the merger authority? The relevant authority for merger control assessment in Serbia is the Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia. The website of the Commission is accessible at All merger filing decisions are published on the mentioned website. What are the merger filing thresholds? the aggregate worldwide turnover […]

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Archiving pursuant to the new law

In 2020, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on Archive Material and Archive Activities (the “Law”), which application began on 2 February 2021.

This Law introduces in a new way the obligations for entities that create archive material and documentary material, meaning that a distinction between archive material and documentary material is made. Documentation that is permanently kept, which is significant for culture, art, science, education, and other social areas and which is defined as such in the list of categories of archive material and documentary material with retention periods is called archive material. Documentation that does not have to be kept permanently and that can be destroyed, after the expiration of the validity period provided for in the list of categories, is called documentary material. Also, the term archival book is regulated, which represents the basic records on the entire archive material and documentary material created in the work process of the company.

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