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Leased rooftops – a space for the construction of solar power plants by power producers?

Excluding prosumers, in practice, we have not encountered significant projects developed by power producers for the construction of solar power plants on the free space of rooftops of buildings, industrial plants, warehouses, shopping centers, and other facilities.

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You are considering opening up a company in Serbia? Serbia is open for all commerce, and constantly strives to improve its business climate. Here are a few points to have in mind.

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Factoring as the oldest financial service and a means of securing necessary funds for unhindered further business operations and timely settlement of obligations

Factoring is undoubtedly the oldest financial service, more closely regulated by the Law on Factoring (“Official Gazette of the RS” No. 62/2013 and 30/2018) (“the Law”), which means the purchase and sale of an existing non-due or future short-term monetary claim, one that is due for collection in within one year from the date of sale of goods or provision of services in the country or abroad. Factoring can be performed exclusively on the basis of a contract concluded in written or electronic form, which is prescribed by the Law.

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