The Serbian Business Registers Agency will run a Register of Health Institutions from 11 October, 2020


Starting from 11 October 2020, the Serbian Business Registers Agency will be running the Register of Health Institutions (Register) as well as unified records of health care entities. Under the rules of the Serbian Law on Health Care (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 25/2019), the Serbian Business Registers Agency will be taking over from commercial courts relevant archive materials of health care institutions, as the competent commercial courts previously ran the registers and registration procedures.

The initial harmonization with the new registration procedure will be free of charge and will last for three months (from 11 October 2020 till 11 January 2021). The procedure of harmonization and submission of relevant documentation is regulated by the Rulebook on the detailed content of the Register of Health Institutions and the documentation required for registration (Official Gazette of RS, No. 80/2019). The harmonization procedure is initiated by submitting a registration application for registration of harmonization, as well as the following documentation, which must be in the original or a certified copy:

  • valid founding act
  • new statute
  • consent of the competent authority to the new statute of the health institution if it is in public ownership
  • decision of the founder, i.e. excerpt from the act of the competent authority which determines the weekly work schedules, beginning and end of working hours in the health institution
  • if in the process of harmonization there has been a change in other data entered in the Register, the documentation prescribed for that type of change.

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