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KSEL Advokati is an independent Belgrade based law firm founded by Selma Mujezinović and Ksenija Sorajic Baković. After pursuing careers in a local and international professional environment Selma and Ksenija decided to establish a law firm focusing both on contentious and non-contentious matters thus providing a wide range of services relevant to the protection of business interests of clients. The proven track record of KSEL Advokati spans several decades of achievements in implementation of groundbreaking solutions and complex litigation in the field of commercial law. KSEL Advokati is organized as a joint law office where principals and members share the same values and culture enabling a seamless and fully integrated delivery of services to both local and international clients. At KSEL Advokati we practice blameless problem solving, we are performance-driven, we celebrate success, we have fun and we maintain the highest professional integrity. Our core values enable us to provide the best possible solutions tailor-made to serve the needs of our clients.

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KSEL Advokati have many years of experience in providing legal advice in various areas, such as corporate and commercial law, competition law, property law relations, investment construction and in the resolving of various types of disputes. We have advised a large number of domestic and foreign clients, from the moment of the foundation of companies, through their daily business activities, as well as in the preparation and delivery of legal analysis and opinions. We also represent the interests and rights of clients before the competent courts and state bodies.

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Initiation of procedure on investigating the violation of competition on the ceramic tiles wholesale market

The Commission for Protection of Competition (the Commission) has conducted an unannounced investigation and initiated an ex officio investigation into the violation of competition against the company Polet-keramika Novi Bečej, in order to determine the existence of a restrictive agreement under the Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Competition in the wholesale market […]

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One year since the adoption of the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources – OIE and KSEL Advokati

The Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources came into force a year ago. We have analyzed how far we have come in the implementation of the Law, which bylaws the Government has adopted and what is missing for ZOIE to function in full capacity, in cooperation with the Association of OIE Serbia.

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How to harmonize companies’ internal documents with competition rules?

The Commission for Protection of Competition adopted guidelines for the companies in order to harmonize their internal documents with relevant competition rules. 

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Outline of Merger Filing in Serbia

Who is the merger authority? The relevant authority for merger control assessment in Serbia is the Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia. The website of the Commission is accessible at All merger filing decisions are published on the mentioned website. What are the merger filing thresholds? the aggregate worldwide turnover […]

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Archiving pursuant to the new law

In 2020, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on Archive Material and Archive Activities (the “Law”), which application began on 2 February 2021.

This Law introduces in a new way the obligations for entities that create archive material and documentary material, meaning that a distinction between archive material and documentary material is made. Documentation that is permanently kept, which is significant for culture, art, science, education, and other social areas and which is defined as such in the list of categories of archive material and documentary material with retention periods is called archive material. Documentation that does not have to be kept permanently and that can be destroyed, after the expiration of the validity period provided for in the list of categories, is called documentary material. Also, the term archival book is regulated, which represents the basic records on the entire archive material and documentary material created in the work process of the company.

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Privatization – still an ongoing process in the Republic of Serbia

The most recent legal framework regulating the privatization process in the Republic of Serbia was adopted in 2014. Certain changes have subsequently occurred in the sense that now the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia has a key role in the implementation of the process. The Ministry inter alia implements the privatization process, controls the privatization process, sells public capital expressed in shares or stakes. The Ministry also performs other tasks in accordance with the Privatization Law and relevant secondary legislation.  

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